Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wanted: Your Coins to Benefit NH's Children in Hospitals!

Starting MondayMarch 28th, through Friday, April 8th, the Community Action Team (CAT) is collecting "coins" to benefit NH's Hospital for Children at Elliot.  Monies will be collected on the following schedule:
Monday - Pennies
Tuesday - Nickels
Wednesday - Dimes
Thursday - Quarters
Friday - Any monies

The goals of CAT is to make a hospital stay a little more comfortable for children in NH.  Elliot Hospital has a wish list of items that would provide comfort and distraction to children who are facing surgery or hospitalization (Wish List).  Through the student's donations CAT will be purchasing items on the hospital's wish list.  If you have any questions about this drive, please contact CAT Advisors Michael Crowell or Jodi Parsons.

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